Most Preferred Framework For Mobile App Development 2022


Quest of instant information in this digital world led the journey of mobile apps for better accessibility independent of gadgets and location and this digital trend gave birth to one of the most preferred framework for mobile app development- React Native Framework.

In the year 2014 an immediate need for quick access to data and information was discovered and that brought React Native to existence and with increase demand for mobile app development having being launched by Facebook React Native became one of the most preferred frameworks for mobile app development by businesses owners.

React Native development has become the best known name for building complex, high end and hybrid mobile apps. Also, according to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2020, React Native Development takes the 6th spot in the ranking with 16% of all respondents' votes. Talking about only professional ones, here React Native places 5th with 17%.

The formula to success is pretty simple in the modern-day business realm. The companies need to understand what their customers want and just look to expand their user base. Here cross-platform application development comes into picture.

Since it is easier for the developers to re-use the system components, there is nothing ‘out of the ordinary’ for them. As they work in a known territory, their efficiency is bound to increase.

React Native Development Companies provides astonishing features; let’s check them out,

Improved Log Box

React Native development comes with three major design frame work RedBox, YellowBox, and logging capabilities helping the developer to be more concise, formatted and actionable.

Pressable Component

one of the major improvements in Reactive Native Development is inclusion of pressable feature. This feature has enahanced touch screen experience of the users such as Touchable Highlight, Touchable without Feedback, Touchable Opacity, Touchable Bounce, and Touch Native Feedback.


React Native now provides a ready-made solution for using system colors. Platform Color () is a new API that can be used like any other color in React Native.

Protonshub is a leading Custom React Native Development Company with a dedicated team of experts who are highly skilled and trained. To get help with your - React Native development-related queries, contact us or mail us.

Besides the above-mentioned platforms, there are ReactJS contributors on different sites like Quora and Stack overflow as well. There too, you can get reliable answers to all your queries.

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